Representatives of specialist refrigeration company HEIFO & DK (including DK-CEO M. Kappenberg, DK-sales representative Daniel) enjoyed a memorable visit to the renowned ham manufacturer – Klümper in Schüttdorf, Germany.

Klümper is a renowned family owned company, producing high quality products, and only one of a few meat producers to meet the strict import standards of the USA. Now almost 200 years old, the company continues to expand, and collect numerous awards on the way.

Of special interest to Michael Kappenberg was the number of DK products installed on the site – the very first being supplied almost 24 years ago.

A brief look at the inventory of DK at Klümper
• seven DK DHW cylinders with five external heat exchangers
• six cold water / cold brine tanks with nine evaporators
• seven suction gas heat exchangers
• two special components (1x for degassing and 1x hot brine / water)

It could not be summed up better than by the testimonial of the technical director Bernd Egbers of Klümper : DK can offer everything for the ham manufacturing industry from their extensive catalogue – plus a little more (the two custom-made components to Klümper specification).

With the construction of the new production facility 24 years ago, the installations of DK products began in the machine rooms of Klümper. DK’s first tank was a heat recovery unit for DHW heating. In 1999, the production area was extended by a further 3,000 m². For this, new cold rooms with direct expansion cooling were added. In this work period, DK storage tanks were installed to heat the heating water and to provide heated brine defrost.

From 2007 Klümper improved the cooling system – section -by-section – to a cold brine / hot water system. Vastly improving the control of the cooling / heating process, giving a perfect degree of ripeness of the ham. The deep-freeze rooms continue as direct expansion, including an environmentally friendly defrost with warm brine. During the refurbishment work, two further DK chillers of 950 litres each with internal evaporators were installed in addition to further double-walled, external DK-tubular de-superheater / condensers. These heat exchangers units heat food grade standard hot water for wash down facility and ham storage boxes cleaning
In addition, seven DK suction gas heat exchangers were installed on the existing compound plants, which are placed adjacent to the evaporators. These ensure complete evaporation of all still liquid particles to prevent liquid carry over to the compressor and increase refrigeration efficiency.

In 2015 HEIFO installed a 2,000 litres of chilled bank-storage, hopefully not the last DK product. The two integrated evaporators, each with 120 kW, provide cold brine for the smoke and climate chamber as well as for processing.

This is probably the most comprehensive catalogue of installed DK products for a single customer, working alongside a long-term installer partner.  A perfect testimonial of:

Listening to the customers needs

Designing and manufacturing the bespoke solution

Working with trusted quality installers.


DK would like to say thank you to Klümper & HEIFO for the decades of co-operation & support.