This application is an example is of how DK can deliver the complete heat recovery solution; worldwide. Export business now accounts for 35% of the heat recovery systems sold.

DK, was founded in 1979, and is a family-owned company based in Emsdetten in Westphalia. Although strongly established in Germany, DK are equally open to servicing new emerging markets in Europe – and further afield. This is and remains the DK philosophy. Our first customers outside Germany were in the early eighties. In 2018, we registered the supply to 30 countries. We are particularly proud that this year the first two heat recovery systems for a CO2 refrigeration system was shipped to the other side of the world – to Australia.

International business will continue to be at the forefront of our development. In recent years, we have been able to establish new partnerships in France and England and build a strong business model. DK- Kälteanlagen GmbH is a shareholder and a close partner to the UK operation – DK Heat Recovery Ltd.
The UK operation is headed up by David Haughton & Ken Riley, who offer a dedicated DK sole product service.
Offering this type of dedicated service allows DK to provide the type of complete service, such as at EW Button Fruit Farm in Cornwall. The farm is located on the edge of the beautiful Bodmin Moor, and supplies its fruits to the leading supermarkets in the UK.

In addition, E W Button is a true showpiece in terms of sustainability. Using only the waste heat energy from the refrigeration plant, DK offers a perfect solution to two challenges.

The heating of hot water for the showers of the 300 harvest workers.
Prior to the heat recovery the water was heated via electric at 11 pence / kWh. Now, a 1,500 litre tank from DK with four double-walled heat exchangers directly supplies the free hot potable water.


The heating of the new building
The use of waste heat also heats a newly constructed complex of buildings. With the help of underfloor heating, both the offices and social rooms are heated in winter. For this purpose, a DK storage tank with a volume of 300 liters and three single-walled heat exchangers was installed, so that everyone is warm in the winter.

In addition, investigation is underway to additionally use warmed water to irrigate the plant roots directly to increase the yield. But even without this interesting   initiative, the financial and environmental savings are already very attractive. The company can now enjoy the reduction of its bill for heating water and the heating of showering water from £ 12,000 to zero.

E W Button are delivering environmental benefits to this beautiful area with annual C02 reductions of 45 tonnes.