Since 2008 we have been offering systems for waste heat recovery
for transcritical CO2 refrigeration plants. More than 750 delivered systems with over
2,000 installed heat exchangers (as of March 2020) make us confident that we have
found a good solution. The DK evaporator for CO2, which we have been offering for
five years, is also becoming increasingly popular.

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For the safety of the compressor and to optimize the performance of the refrigeration
system with a degree accurate evaluation of liquid subcooling and suction gas superheat.

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Ideal solutions for the concrete requirement with the highest flexibility
in design and production. All components such as evaporators, vessels and
stainless steel double tube coolers are manufactured at DK. Thus, we offer an
individuality which cannot be found with suppliers of mass products.

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DK Heat Recovery System

Hot water at no charge -
Use the waste heat from your refrigeration system
for tap water warming and/or for heating

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Seit über 40 Jahren lassen wir Kälte und Wärme harmonieren.

Alles begann mit der Idee dem Kältehandwerk ein effizientes, flexibles sowie sicheres System zur Nutzung der Abwärme aus mehreren Kälteanlagen anzubieten. Seitdem liefern wir Kombinationen aus Behältern und Wärmetauschern, welche verlässlich und effektiv Energie sparen und die Umwelt entlasten. Dies macht uns zu dem Spezialisten für Energieeffizienz in der Kältetechnik.

Dank unserer flexiblen und handwerklichen Produktion bieten wir Lösungen für Kälteanlagen von 5 bis 500 kW sowie zum Erwärmen von Trink- und/oder Heizungswasser an. Zudem half uns diese dabei, weitere Produkte wie den DK-Kaltwasserbereiter und den DK-Sauggas-Wärmetauscher zu entwickeln.


Tanzendes Paar


Confidence Award of the LüKK 2020

In the category drycooler (water, brine) we reached the 2nd place with a mark of 1,96. We would like to thank all the jurors who voted for us.

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EuroShop 2020

Whether you watch the news every evening or not – you will have noticed that climate protection has been a constant topic for months. And this will not change… The world talks about climate protection – we have been providing solutions for 41 years DK supplies food retailers through the refrigeration trade with systems for […]

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COLD NEWS – The series of events directly from the manufacturer

We cordially invite you to the second edition of COLD NEWS – the series of events directly from the manufacturer. Find out all the latest developments from six companies in just one afternoon. Be part of it: compact Kältetechnik ● ecogreen energie ● ELREHA ● ESK Schultze ● Tyczka Industrie-Gase ● DK-Kälteanlagen In addition to […]

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Invitation to a varigated evening

We offer you the full programme on the topics of refrigeration, heating and subsidies at 19 September. For this purpose the companies Daikin, ecogreen Energie and DK will present their news in the DK seminar room. We are looking forward to meeting you in Emsdetten!

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We were founded in January 1979 by Manfred Drieling and Bernd Kappenberg, who used the first letters of their surnames as the company name. Since the departure of Mr. Drieling about 20 years ago. DK has grown into a successful German family business. Bernd Kappenberg his son Michael established a joint leadership in 2004 to create a seamless continuity of the CUSTOMER 1st management ethos.  DK is also pleased that the third generation of the Kappenberg family is already in the starting blocks. Timo Kappenberg, Michael’s son, already has seven years of experience under his belt.

The company is positioned to offer our customers the same personal service for the long term with the second generation of management in place and a third generation in waiting, as well as pioneering products that continue to offer answers to the most current questions of the time: “Saving energy and protecting the environment”.

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Contact Person

Michael Kappenberg

CEO / QM coordinator

Phone: +49 2572 9314 – 37

Bernd Kappenberg


Phone: +49 2572 9314 – 0

Timo Kappenberg

Order processing

Telefon: +49 2572 9314 – 61

Bernd Schröer

Technical support / sales

Telefon: +49 2572 9314 – 14

Martin Thier

Technical support / sales

Telefon: +49 2572 9314 – 18