DK-Water chiller

Ideal solutions for the concrete requirement with the highest flexibility in design and production. All components such as evaporators, vessels and VA double-tube coolers are manufactured at DK. Thus, we offer an individuality which cannot be found with suppliers of mass products.

quality craftsmanship for over 35 years

The typical DK chiller, similar to the DK heat recovery design (storage tank with heat exchangers), consists of a tank with a built-in evaporator. This tank is available in the standard sizes from 180 to 950 l with vapour-tight insulation as well as in any special dimensions (smaller, larger, in between).

The KS evaporators are manufactured in 10 basic types, but in different lengths according to capacity, temperature and medium. Together with our technicians, the suitable solution for every application is worked out – i.e. no series production but special solutions for individual cases with special performance characteristics.


The KS evaporators convince with a very complex liquid distribution and suction-side interconnection. In addition, exact guidance of the refrigerant is achieved with bendings on the opposite side. The result is an almost 100% uniform refrigerant distribution to the individual tubes, so that the same temperatures can be assumed in all tubes. This is a prerequisite for problem-free operation with evaporation temperatures in the minus range and water temperatures close to freezing point.

Only the liquid and suction lines of the refrigeration systems and the water connections to the consumer need to be connected to this complete DK cold water system. In addition to the DK cold water system, DK also offers separate DK bundle tube evaporators as well as the DK buffer tank.

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DK water chiller with internal evaporators


For areas of application with special refrigerant temperatures, an individually manufactured refrigeration system and a DK refrigerant storage tank with built-in evaporators is the right solution.

DK evaporators are designed exactly to your requirements. The DK evaporators are manufactured in both single and multi-circuit versions. Medium temperatures of up to -40°C are also possible. Over the last 35 years, countless projects have been implemented. Such as storage tanks and evaporators for refrigerant -25°C for cooling sports facilities, e.g. Sotchi ski jump for the 2014 Winter Olympics.


DK-Verdampfer für Sportstätten

Storage and evaporator for refrigerant -40°C for engine test benches of international car manufacturers.

DK-Verdampfer für Motorenprüfstände

DK bundle tube evaporators for transcritical CO2 refrigeration plants

The DK chiller with CO2 evaporator installed in a DK storage tank is becoming increasingly popular. Several DK chillers are already in operation – for example, in a supermarket for cooling water recooling for plug-in water-cooled refrigerated cabinets or in bakeries in Austria and Belgium with CO2 chillers for dough water cooling.

Projects with capacities in the mega-watt range have also been realised. Here the transport possibilities, such as shipping in containers, are the upper limit.

2 storage tanks with 6,500 l flanged together with four single-circuit evaporators each (8 refrigeration circuits in total). For Doha – Airport each for NK with refrigerant -8/-3°C:


DK-Speicher mit 12.000 l Inhalt

Storage tank with 12,000 l capacity and four two-circuit evaporators (8 refrigeration circuits in total) for Emirates, Dubai Airport:

DK-Speicher in Dubai

DK water chiller with internal double walled evaporators


for water cooling down to +2°C, whereby the cold water is used in direct food production, e.g. dough cooling in large bakeries and salad washing plants

DK Kaltwasserbereiter mit Doppelwandigem Verdampfer

DK is the preferred partner for the installation of the refrigeration unit, including the extensive adjustment work for water cooling near freezing point and evaporation temperatures in the minus range.

DK Kaltwasserbereiter mit Doppelwandigem Verdampfer

DK-water chiller as a pressureless system


The open DK stainless steel storage tank is used in systems with cooling capacities that are not permanently on. Thus, an ice storage can be used which the long evaporator coils in the storage tank can tolerate. This enables a low water flow temperature and is ideal for cooling boilers (Cook & Chill).

DK-Kaltwasserbereiter als Druckloses System

The storage tank is also equipped with an integrated mechanical or electronic float valve,
which automatically compensates the filling level of the tank in case of water loss in the cooling system.

DK-water chiller with pump station


Cold water/water-glycol storage tanks are used for short or medium-term energy storage and distribution from the charging circuit to the consumer circuits.
DK manufactures not only the storage tanks but also the pump stations – mainly on the consumer side – and adapts them to your system specifications.

DK-Behälter mit Pumpenstation

Extensive factory welding work is certainly much more practical than adjustments on the construction site.

DK-Behälter mit Pumpenstation

DK-Water chiller with an stainless steel double-tube cooler


Another interesting application of the DK chiller is glycol cooling, e.g. to -2°C and connection of a stainless steel double-tube cooler, in which another medium can then be cooled.

These double-tube coolers are equipped with quickly removable baffles for cleaning purposes, so that even dirty media such as blood in slaughterhouses can be cooled in them:


DK-Kaltwasserbereiter mit VA Doppelrohrkühler

This system is also useful for the production of boiled sausage, sliced cheese and other media that tend to deposit, such as syrup, chocolate and mashed potatoes.

DK-Kaltwasserbereiter mit VA Doppelrohrkühler

Advantages of the DK water chiller systems

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