DK heat recovery

  • Used the waste energy of your cooling system for heating portable water and / or for heating.
  • Those refrigeration units are used to keep products fresh, while at the same time, for example, large quantities of warm water for cleaning purposes are required.
  • Result: Hot water at zero costs  
  • The main target group are thus all food-processing enterprises, such as bakers, butchers, supermarkets and restaurants.


DK water chiller

  • Customized solutions for the vast range of applications of cold water and cold brine.
  • Typical areas of application include machine cooling, air conditioning, cooling dough at bakeries, cooling processes in a medical and chemical context and indirect cooling with cold brine in the commercial and industrial food sector.

DK heat pump storage tank

  • Heating and cooling harmoniously with optimum safety

DK suction gas heat exchanger

  • Optimising the performance and ensuring the safety of compressors in chillers