On the 9th January 2019, DK and DK-Heat Recovery got became 40 years young. Their common birthday was the foundation of the company. Mr. Drieling and Mr. Kappenberg had the vision, to develop and to produce systems to recover the waste heat energy for most possible clients. They had success!

Unfortunately, there are after 40 years still to many cooling units without heat recovery. Therefore, enormous waste energy-potential remains unused. This leaflet with seven different application show opportunities to protect the environment and save energy by the DK-Heat Recovery.

  1. Auerbachs Keller in Leipzig – Portable water warming in gastronomy
  2. Fahlenbock in Wipperfürth – Portable water warming in a bakery
  3. EDEKA Meyer`s Frischecenter in Hamburg – Portable and heating water warming with the refrigerant CO2 in a supermarket
  4. Ham-manufacture Klümper in Schüttorf – DK-Cold-Brine Preparation, DK-Heat Recovery and much more for meat production
  5. Westfalentankstelle in Olfen – Portable and heating water warming in a filling station
  6. EW Button & Son E W Button in Cornwall / South England – Portable and heating water warming at a fruit farm
  7. Oase 8 in Graz / Austria Cultivation of bananas in winter, an art-project makes waste energy potential visible

Look through this leaflet, be inspired, think of us for your next project and show this collection to your clients. We are at your side.

We appreciate working together with you!

Yours sincerely

Your DK-Team