Exhibition EuroShop 2017

Review at the EuroShop 2017

There was a great surprise among DK customers and all those interested. Why is there a red banana shown at the DK stand? Has DK started banana farming after 38 years of company existence?

Many questions - many answers

No! DK still produces systems for the utilization of waste heat from refrigeration plants. However, it is also clear that the enormous waste heat potentials are far away from being used for every installed cooling system. The impressive art project Oase 8 in Graz/Austria drew attention to this in it’s very special own way. You can learn more about this great project in our document collection - at the bottom of this page.

Cooling and heating in harmony

The refrigeration technology must harmonize with the sanitary and heating technology for an optimal energy saving and a maximum discharge of environment. Therefore, DK introduced innovations for both sectors:

• The new heat exchangers for CO2 refrigeration systems not only warm drinking and heating water, but also both are combined in only one storage tank.

• The new DK Hygiene Kit ensures optimal drinking water hygiene.

• All DK heat recovery systems were tested and sealed due to legionella protection.

Solutions ready for plug-in, water-cooled refrigerators

DK also presented concepts for the combination of the DK Water Chiller to cool water for integral and watercooled refrigerated cabinets and the DK energy storage for potable and heating water warming.

Thank you very much for your interest.

We very much appreciated the positive response of our exhibition samples. In order to meet the challenges of the market we realized in many talks that we have also found the right solutions for the future.

With great interest to the forthcoming talks we are looking forward.


Document collection

Art Project 8

DK heat recovery – Cheap Trick

DK heat recovery for CO2 refrigeration systems

DK water chiller, - solutions for cooling water for integral and watercooled refrigerated cabinets