We make heat from cold …

… and you safe energy costs and protect the environment. We are specialized in using waste heat in cooling process. Here is our chronology.


DK was founded in Emsdetten in the Northwest of Germany. In 1979, heat recovery was already being applied in the milk cooling industry with a single cooling unit, operating one heat exchanger from a single milk tank. DK gained instant market recognition as being the first manufacturer to offer a heat recovery system with multiple heat exchangers fitted in a single tank. This unique solution opened the way to new customer groups, such as bakers, butchers, supermarkets and restaurants.


We happily do not forget – by the time we edited other product sectors. The DK water chiller was a second mainstay for DK since the year 1989. That was a result of our thoughts that a good cooling expert must be able to produce condensers as well as evaporators. With our double walled evaporator, we entered again new markets and applications for example food industry regarding dough cooling in large bakeries and catering companies. The third product group (the suction gas heat exchanger) was generated in the beginning of the new century. One of the biggest technical tasks was the design of compound systems in the end of the eighties.


Since the foundation, we coped technical as well as structural challenges successfully. From 1998 on Bernd Kappenberg was the single owner for 6 years with all responsibilities.


His son Michael joined as managing director in 2004. Additionally DK reacted successfully on changing customer requirements. One of the biggest technical tasks was the design of compound systems in the end of the eighties. DK was the first producer that offered double walled shell and tube heat exchangers for heat recovery systems.


During the current discussion of refrigerant DK was once again the first that launched a heat recovery system for trans-critical CO2 plants / systems. Therefore, the safety heat exchangers were redesigned for pressure for more than 100 bar.