Cooling experts as partners

Since the foundation in 1979 our aim has been the cooperation with cooling experts, trade dealers and plant builders. Long-term cooperative partnership with advantages for both sides have been the result. Please note the following feedbacks regarding this:

Gerhard Gregor (compact Kältetechnik GmbH):

In spring 1990 the technical director of VEB Kühlanlagenbau asked me to come in his office because there would be someone from the West Germany who wants to sell us something. That was the first time I was confronted that someone wants to sell us something. By now, we only had bagged to get something. Then Mr. Bernd Kappenberg welcomed us and told us about his company and their products. No one assumed how the development would be.

Today we deliver many cooling units and equipment to all parts of Germany and several other countries. We can look back for a time of 26 years.

We are thankful for this partnership cooperation. If this had been the basis of the re-unification of Germany, it would be better for all people.

Lutz Korfmacher (Korfmacher Kälte Klima)

Directly after the foundation of DK Kälteanlagen GmbH my father Friedhelm Korfmacher was convinced of the quality of DK heat recovery and he was one of the first customers. The heat recovery were used mainly in the agriculture and milk cooling with all advantages. Whereas many competitors of us had malfunctions especially leakages, we could provide our customers a product, which works failure free for decades.

Today we use mainly DK shell and tube evaporator to chill the cold water in industries. Hereby the quality of DK products is once again present in operation safety and shows a significant long life cycle much more than competitor products.


Charles Hasler AG:

The Charles Hasler AG is a leading wholesaler in Switzerland and for 22 years distribution partner of DK-Kälteanlagen. To provide our customers with high quality products and comprehensive service we rely on high performing, reliable and innovative suppliers.

DK Kälteanlagen has fulfilled these demands completely in a long time of successful cooperation